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Name: Chris Bradford
Age: 38
Sport: Muay Thai
Location: Geelong, Victoria
GYM: Top Tier Muay Thai

Career Record:
IKBF Australia Champion
IKBF South Pacific Champion
IKBF Commonwealth Champion
2x Cage Muay Thai Australian Champion


What got you started?

Challenge. I was an out there kid and needed somewhere to channel my anger and energy. It was the perfect balance and ultimately turned me to the better man I am today.

Where does your motivation come from

Self-motivation has always been easy for me…Why?
Because life starts, by challenging yourself.
If you win that battle that your own time in this world can throw at you, you can defeat anything else life puts in front of you.

What are your future goals

To inspire, encourage and teach people out there about health, fitness and nutrition so people can wake up and feel good about the day that's ahead of them. Healthy living is a key to a happy you.

What is your favourite quote or saying?

Anything can happen by the hand of God, but if God decides to stay out of it, may the best man win-Renzo Gracie

Which was the fight that changed everything?

My first fight 16 years ago. I instantly knew I was born to fight, to fight in the ring, to fight my battles, to fight for anything I believed in on this earth and this would be my path and journey for me for the rest of my time here.