Covering all bases of the active world, the way of life fitness brings you a new look to the 21st century.
Deciding to create a fashionable active clothing label was our first vision but it is steadily becoming much greater than just that.
Combined with a street wear look, the WOLF brings style to your game, whether it is kicking a bag, catching a wave, enjoying the sun on your run or smashing a heavy session at the gym.
We are taking fashion to fitness in a new way.
We strive to supply you with the freshest quality apparel to suit all your active needs.
The WOLF is more than just an active clothing label; it’s the base at the beginning for your drive for success.
We are helping individuals push for success in any way shape or form, and what a better way than becoming the WOLF.
We understand with constant determination, combined with blood sweat and tears are what separate us from the sheep.
The way of life fitness apparel helps you choose your own path for success.
“It’s not just a fad; it’s a WAY OF LIFE”

wolfapparel.com.au is an Australian based eCommerce website supplementing our Australian registered business THE WOLF - WAY OF LIFE FITNESS.
Our Primary trading location is Belmont, Victoria 3216.